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The word lingerie means the special undergarments that women wear, not only to pamper their body, but also to appear sensuous. Lingerie epitomizes femininity and grace. Lingerie is the garment that is in direct touch with the woman. This is one reason why it is so important in a woman’s life. A woman is seen to prioritize the comfort level of the lingerie as they are closest to the woman’s body. The material and the fit of the lingerie are of utmost importance. In La Coquette store lingerie is made up of fabrics that are soft and supple. Such fabrics include satin, cotton, silk or hosiery. Lingerie is available in a riot of colors. A woman can select the appropriate color based on her mood and the occasion. This gift card is serviced by Escada, Odri, Betty Barclay, Gerry Weber, La Coquette, Milavitsa stores. You can order a gift card for any amount starting from 50 000 AMD. Gift cards are valid for 6 month.

  • 50000 AMD
  • 100000 AMD
  • 150000 AMD
  • 200000 AMD
  • 250000 AMD
  • 500000 AMD

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